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What is Industrial Symbiosis?

Industrial symbiosis is a resource-efficiency approach where unused or residual resources, such as materials, energy, water, assets, logistics, or expertise of one company are used by another. This results in mutual economic, social and environmental benefits.


Instead of being thrown away or destroyed, surplus resources generated by an industrial process are captured, then redirected for use as an input material into another process by one or more other companies, providing a mutual benefit or … symbiosis.


Over the past five years of the programme’s existence, it has already gained an impressive track record for enhancing business profitability and sustainability. The programme in Gauteng, between April 2015 and March 2018, generated a total economic value of R 94.8 million based on landfill airspace savings, the value of recovered resources and avoided externalities. Tonnage diverted in 2017/18 is estimated to amount to R 89.5 million per year. There are also programmes in KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.



Watch the 'What is Industrial Symbiosis?' for an introduction:




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