Kevin Cilliers

Regional Manager - KwaZulu Natal

Kevin Cilliers has been with the NCPC-SA since its inception in 2003, assisting the Centre to pioneer cleaner production in South Africa - and as such can lay claim to being one of the country’s most experienced professionals in the field of Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP).

Between 2003 and 2005, Kevin worked as part of a CSIR team developing internal capacity and knowledge of Cleaner Production at the fledgling Centre to enable the NCPC-SA to go out and fulfil its mandate of RECP awareness and advocacy within industry in South Africa.

In 2005 he was seconded full time to the NCPC-SA as Project Manager heading up activities within the chemicals sector. Using his chemical engineering background and RECP knowledge Kevin pioneered assessments within the Centre with the support of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) sponsored technical experts. This experience provided him with a sound technical base which resulted in him being appointed as Technical Manager at the NCPC-SA in 2010.

As technical manager he facilitated the development of case studies and manuals for the South African context, as well as a number of special projects such as the Cleantech SME Accelerator programme.

In order to boost the NCPC-SA’s efforts in the Kwa-Zulu Natal region, Kevin was deployed to Durban as Senior Project Manager from January 2014.   
To date Kevin has undertaken or been directly involved in over 100 RECP assessments and facilitated various training and awareness workshops aimed at promoting RECP within industry and the consulting services fraternity.


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