Case Studies

The National Cleaner Production Centre South African Case Studies

Through the use of case studies the National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA) show cases the benefits and application of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) methodologies.

The areas in which the RECP methodologies are applied are:

·         Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE),

·         Industrial Symbiosis Programme (IS Programme), and

·         Industrial Water Efficiency Project (IWE) Project. 

Toyota South Africa

In August 2010, Toyota South Africa signed up as a Host Plant of the IEE Project. As a result of the IEE Training courses, Toyota SA implemented an Energy Management System (EnMS) and proceeded with the optimization of specific industrial systems resulting in a considerable reduction in electricity usage.

The implementation of an Energy Management System (EnMS)1 at Toyota SA resulted in a reduction in electricity usage which has translated into cost-savings of more than R4.8 million over a two-year period (2010/11).

A total of 55 Energy Systems Optimization (ESO) initiatives have been implemented since 2010. Of these, 25 projects were started in 2010 and continued over 2011, during which an additional 30 new projects were also initiated.

Toyota improvements 2010 - 2011:

Total No. of Projects 55
Gross Monetary Savings R4,847,000
Energy Savings GWh 8.15
Total Investment R3,350,000
Overall Payback Period (in years) 1.09
GHG Emissions Reduction tonne CO2 7,804

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