Case Studies

The National Cleaner Production Centre South African Case Studies

Through the use of case studies the National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA) show cases the benefits and application of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) methodologies.

The areas in which the RECP methodologies are applied are:

·         Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE),

·         Industrial Symbiosis Programme (IS Programme), and

·         Industrial Water Efficiency Project (IWE) Project. 

Consol Glass Wadeville (FSO)

International experts guided students at the Wadeville plant in the measurement and analysis process to ensure accurate results and reliable savings-potential figures.

Consol has operations in Clayville (Midrand), Wadeville (Germiston), Nigel (Johannesburg) and Bellville (Cape Town), with a total production capacity of 950 000 tonnes of glass per annum. The company has a turnover of approximately R4,5 billion and some 1 800 employees.

For a total monetary investment of R1 948 018, Consol realised an annual financial saving of
R1 800 000 and an energy saving of 2 117 650 KWh. It also reduced GHG emissions by
1 905 tonnes of CO2 for the year. The total pay-back period was 1,2 years.

Download the full case study here