The National Cleaner Production Centre, South Africa (NCPC-SA) is a national programme of the South African government that promotes the implementation of resource efficiency and cleaner production (RECP) methodologies to assist industry to lower costs through reduced energy, water and materials usage, and waste management. The NCPC-SA launched the RECP Internship Programme at the start of 2016. The year culminated with 16 interns graduating from the programme as practitioners.

2001 saw the establishment of the Mozambique National Cleaner Production Centre (MNCPC) which operates as the executive arm of the Business Forum for the Environment (FEMA), a non-profit organisation that brings together companies from different sectors with the aim of leading private sector participation in addressing environmental issues, influencing policy formulation, participating in the development of regulation, and the promotion of environmental awareness in society.

The Zimbabwe National Cleaner Production Centre (ZNCPC) was established in 1994 to contribute toward sustainable industrial production in Zimbabwe by stimulating, facilitating and catalysing eco-efficiency implementation in industry. 15 ZNCPC staff members implement Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) and other environmental support projects and services. [Caption: Quick scan at a beverage company]