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Energy Systems Optimisation (ESO)

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Industrial Water Efficiency Case Studies

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The IWE Project recorded its first actual savings of 89 000 kl, which amounted to R2.2 million in early 2018 with a case study at RCL Rustenburg (chicken abattoir).


Case study: Rainbow Chicken Limited (RCL)


RCL’s Rustenburg plant achieved significant water savings in just one year amounting to an annual saving of 89 607 kilolitres of water. The plant is a significant water user, consuming over one million kilolitres of water annually, equating to approximately two percent of the total local municipal potable water supply. Consequently, the plant initiated an assessment to determine how to reduce water usage and ease its burden on the municipal supply.

These interventions were implemented:  
  • The installation of automatic water shut-off valves.
  • Implementation of a leak management programme. 
  • Cleaning equipment was upgraded. 


Overall RCL Foods Rustenburg achieved a 7.96% reduction on their water intensity amounting to an actual volume reduction of 89 607 kL each for water intake and effluent generation. This translated into financial savings totalling R2 200 468.


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Send a Query About IS

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Get Involved

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IS Guides and Tools

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Benefits and Case Studies

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Overview of IS Services

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For a training Course

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View the NCPC-SA Training Calendar

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Expert Level Learning Pathway

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The journey to RECP or IEE expert begins with the relevant end-user and introductory level courses.


The End User training will provide technical professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to initiate resource efficient and cleaner production (RECP), energy management systems (EnMS) and energy systems optimisation (ESO) interventions, as well as a holistic understanding of the benefits and processes of RECP, EnMS and ESO.


All End User courses are followed by a test which will serve as an acceptance test to the Expert Level training. This test, together with the successfully completed Energy Management 101 course and screening of a candidate’s CV for their suitability will constitute the requirements to enter the relevant Expert Level programme.


The Expert Level training programme comprises theoretical and in-company practical modules spread over a number of months. 

  • Candidates will need to first complete the end user level training in the relevant discipline.
  • Expert candidates become UNIDO certified energy experts with international recognition.
  • Practical in-plant work forms a key component of the training and will determine the duration, but most experts train for 9 to 12 months.



Did you know?


Your company can qualify for 1 complimentary seat in the relevant expert level training by:


  • Registering as a host or candidate plant for Expert Level training OR,
  • Signing to host a NCPC-SA RECP intern OR,
  • Agreeing to be the site of an NCPC-SA case study for publication (demonstration plant) 


Download the End-User Training Programme 1 page information flier 


Minimum requirements for the RECP expert level courses: 


  • Completed the relevant 2-day end user training.
  • 3 year degree in environmental science or any engineering discipline combined with 4 years’ experience as
    • Environmental Manager OR
    • Plant Engineer OR
    • Energy Manager OR
    • Energy Efficiency Practitioner OR
    • Sustainability Manager OR
    • Industrial Efficiency Manager OR
    • Environmental Sustainability/Energy Consultant



All CV’s and proof of qualifications must be submitted together with the registration forms for screening purposes. You will be notified in due course whether you have been accepted or not onto the training.


Download the Expert-Level Training Programme general information flier 


Download the learning process – RECP and EnMS

Download the learning process – ESO programme


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