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Wednesday, 29 March 2017 12:49

IWE Project making every drop count

IWE Project making every drop count


The National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA) announced plans to launch the NCPC-SA Industrial Water Efficiency (IWE) Project during a workshop hosted by the Royal Danish Embassy on 30 March 2017. The IWE Project operating model has been based on the NCPC-SA’s very successful Industrial Energy Efficiency Project, which helped save industry R1.7 billion’s worth of energy in five years.


“One of the lessons we have learnt through the energy project, is that resource efficiency initiatives need not necessarily be capital intensive. When starting out, we take industries through a comprehensive assessment process to identify where water is being used, why and what opportunities may exist to optimise the current systems and operations, before launching into more capital intensive options.


Obviously monitoring and measurement remain key to understanding water use trends and patterns and extensive effort is being placed on assisting companies to understand this well. Our theory is: you cannot manage what you don’t measure,” Kevin Cilliers, NCPC-SA Regional Manager for KwaZulu-Natal and leader of the Industrial Water Efficiency Project continues.


Since 2016, the NCPC-SA, through water-focused assessments, has saved the South African industry 63 600 kL water. This is a financial saving of R760 000 with a calculated pay-back period of two months. Interventions through the NCPC-SA’s internship component of the project realised a further reduction in water consumption of 75 010 kL, equating to bottom-line savings of R 1 462 706, with a pay-back period of less than four months. This shows there is a business case to be made for industry. 


Cilliers concludes, “Water efficiency implementation must be considered a team effort and not a lone crusade. Buy-in from all sectors and from all levels in an organisation is imperative to making it work. The Industrial Water Efficiency workshop emphasises this as well as the many benefits likely to occur on an economic, environmental and social front, through effective implementation of water efficiency interventions.”


The focus of the workshop was on the prevailing water quantity and quality challenges and sustainable methods to address these, drawing from a collaborative partnership concluded between the Kingdom of Denmark and the South African government. To read more on the workshop click here.


For more information on the NCPC-SA IWE Project brochure.


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