Case Study: Johnson Matthey South Africa

September 2013

Johnson Matthey, a British company established in 1817, is a global manufacturer of automotive components, specifically autocatalysts. The South African operation began in 1953 and since 1992 Johnson Matthey South Africa (JMSA) has been manufacturing catalysts at its Germiston (Gauteng) plant, supplying several local "canners" who fit the catalyst into the catalytic converter system for export to the motor vehicle assemblers.

JMSA Germiston signed up with the IEE Project in 2012 as a candidate plant for the implementation of an ISO 50001-based energy management system. The plant holds management system certification for ISO 9001/TS16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and adopted the ISO 50001 approach as an integration and extension.
An IEE Project energy consultant facilitated a systems review and conducted an ISO 50001 initial audit. The expert then assisted JMSA to develop and implement an energy management system (EnMS) and energy efficiency measures were systematically implemented in both production and utilities.

Key findings:

Total number of projects Four large and various small Kaizen projects
Total monetary savings R7,728,569
Total energy savings 9,425,084 kWh
Total investment made R620,000
Payback time period 1 month
GHG emission reduction 9,020 tonnes of CO2


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