Case study: Zimco Aluminium Company (ZIMALCO) (EnMS)

Zimalco is the largest manufacturer of secondary aluminium products in sub-Saharan Africa. Specialising in the production of aluminium foundry alloys, powders and deoxidants, Zimalco is also South Africa’s only manufacturer of primary aluminium-based master alloys, hardeners and grain refiners. The Zimalco plant has a capacity in excess of 30 000 ton per year and employs more than 160 people.

In an effort to adopt energy management systems to improve energy effiency, Zimlaco contacted the NCPC-SA to enrol in the Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) Project’s EnMS programme.

The Zimalco Engineering Manager and Electrical Foreman attended the in-house two-day end user training in March 2015. The value of the systematic approach was immediately realised and in May 2015, Zimalco signed up as a candidate plant and personanel enrolled inthe expert level EnMS training.

The attendance of the training and participation in these programmes significantly influenced the Zimalco IEE initiatives, enabling a complete EnMS to be integrated with the existing SHEQ Integrated Management System (IMS) within five months.

During 2015, three projects were undertaken on Furnace no. 12, resulting in a total energy saving over six months of 1 479 444 kWh, valued at R 501 000. With a total investment of R335 000, the estimated average payback period was less than a year. A reduction of 299 tonnes CO2 was achieved.

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