Industrial Water Efficiency Case Studies


The IWE Project recorded its first actual savings of 89 000 kl, which amounted to R2.2 million in early 2018 with a case study at RCL Rustenburg (chicken abattoir).


Case study: Rainbow Chicken Limited (RCL)


RCL’s Rustenburg plant achieved significant water savings in just one year amounting to an annual saving of 89 607 kilolitres of water. The plant is a significant water user, consuming over one million kilolitres of water annually, equating to approximately two percent of the total local municipal potable water supply. Consequently, the plant initiated an assessment to determine how to reduce water usage and ease its burden on the municipal supply.

These interventions were implemented:  
  • The installation of automatic water shut-off valves.
  • Implementation of a leak management programme. 
  • Cleaning equipment was upgraded. 


Overall RCL Foods Rustenburg achieved a 7.96% reduction on their water intensity amounting to an actual volume reduction of 89 607 kL each for water intake and effluent generation. This translated into financial savings totalling R2 200 468.