Please note you need an account to book for courses. If you don't have one yet, please click on register below. If you already booked for a course and want to manage your booking please login below. Thank you!

How to register for a training course

Thank you for showing an interest in attending one of our training courses. To ensure a smooth service to our delegates and to streamline our own systems, the registration for training will now take place online, on this website.


Please follow these simple steps to create a profile and then register for a course. Once you have registered for any of our courses, your details will automatically be retained and will not need to be entered again (unless they change) when you register for another training event. 


You can also download the "How to Register" A4 flier (click here)


Creating a profile


Your profile will be used for any training event interactions – registration, updating your contact details, checking venues, etc.

  1. Click on Register in the grey Login module

  2. Fill in your name

  3. Choose a username OR use your cell phone number in as a username (we recommend this for easy recollection)

  4. Enter your email address

  5. Choose a password (OR use your surname) and verify by filling it in again

  6. Wait a few minutes for a verification email to be sent to your inbox

  7. From your email inbox, click the link to verify and your profile is created 


Registering for a course


Note – you need to be logged in to register for a course. 

  1. On the Training Calendar, select the training event you wish to attend. 

  2. Click on the event to open the details page.

  3. Click on the green “book” button, fill in the registration form and submit 


Our skills coordinators will receive your registration course and contact you with further details. We encourage you to visit the event details page from time to time to check for venue changes.

Managing your registration and course bookings


Note – you need to be logged in to manage your account. 

  1. Under the 'Green Skills Development' menu (or on the 'Course Options' menu on the side panel), select the 'My training courses' menu - you have to be logged in. 

  2. Click on 'My bookings', select the course you wish to edit.

  3. Now you can select 'Edit own booking' or 'Cancel booking'

  4. You can also choose to email, print or download your booking.