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Companies called on to share good design practices


Sustainable Design Practices key to sustainable consumption and production and circular economy gains


The UN Environment Programme, NCPC-SA and the CSIR are working together to collect examples of sustainable design practices that minimise harmful environmental impact, with a focus on companies in the Africa region. 


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Initiative launched to stimulate adoption of fast-growing energy management standard by South African firms (Engineering News)

The NCPC-SA and SABS has initiated an effort to double the number of companies certified for ISO 50001 by the end of 2021. 

Read the article by Engineering News: Initiative launched to stimulate adoption of fast-growing energy management standard by South African firms.

The NCPC-SA’s Alf Hartzenburg, who heads up the IEE Project in South Africa, on the benefits of the international energy management standard ISO 50001. Camera Work: Kutlwano Matala Editing: Nicholas Boyd.


Register for one of our upcoming webinars on how the NCPC-SA and SABS can support companies wishing to be certified for ISO 50001.

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Join a ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard Webinar

The National Cleaner Production Centre, South Africa (NCPC-SA) and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) are hosting a series of workshops called ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard - the benefits of certification to your triple bottom line. The workshop will present and discuss the enormous benefits that ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard presents to businesses, as well as how the NCPC-SA  and SABS can support companies wishing to become certified. 


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COVID-19 Corona Virus: South African Resource Portal

COVID-19 Online Resource & News Portal

Visit the official South African Online Resource and News Portal on COVID-19 for more information and updates:


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Online Training Calendar 2020

The NCPC-SA is offering selected End User training courses in its virtual classroom, at no cost until December 2020.   
Visit our  online training platform for more information on our upcoming courses and how to register. 
Contact our skills development team on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should you require additional information.

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Operational effect of corona virus on the NCPC-SA

The current national state of disaster around COVID-19, or coronavirus, has necessitated a number of extraordinary measures in all spheres of life and business. As a CSIR programme, and in line with government guidelines, the NCPC-SA will have a number of operational limitations. 

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Join us at Africa Energy Indaba 2020

The 12th Africa Energy Indaba Conference, taking place on 3 – 4 March 2020 in Cape Town will discuss,  debate and seek solutions to enable adequate energy generation across Africa.  A diverse group of high profile speakers will share real-world insights about the changing energy landscape in Africa. 

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Limpopo Industrial Symbiosis Symposium


Join us at the first Limpopo Industrial Symbiosis Symposium where the NCPC-SA, in collaboration with Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (LEDET), will share how a sustainable economy can be promoted through resource efficiency and waste exchange programmes.


The 2-day Life Cycle Management (LCM) training workshops will raise awareness and understanding about life cycle management in South Africa, and aims to build capacity of life cycle management practices within organisations.



Industrial Symbiosis Business Opportunity Workshop

Join us at the Mpumalanga Industrial Symbiosis Business Opportunity Workshop in Secunda and learn more about the benefits of industrial symbiosis and opportunities to improve waste utilisation and waste management. If recycling industrial waste is too expensive, or not recycleable, then the Mpumalanga Industrial Symbiosis Programme will help facilitate resource exchanges with other businesses or entrepreneurs.  

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