Energy Standards

Due to the energy crisis and ever-rising costs of energy both locally and globally, the NCPC-SA currently has a strong focus on supporting SA industry in managing its energy consumption.

In partnership with UNIDO, the NCPC-SA implements the Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Project in South Africa (IEE Project).  The project was designed to help transform industry energy use patterns – helping them adopt a more systematic and holistic approach to energy management within their organisations and plants.

Since its inception in 2010, the IEE Project has assisted industry to save over R 1.54 billion in energy savings. This has been achieved through the promotion and implementation of Energy Management Systems (EnMS) and Energy Systems Optimisation (ESO) in around 30 plants from energy-intensive sectors.

  • Energy Management System (EnMS) implementation
    Here the company is assisted to develop and implement an energy management system in line with the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard. Expert mentoring support and advice is provided via access to national and international experts in the field of EnMS. The programme is typically run over 9 – 12 months. Implementation can either be facilitated internally by the company under the mentorship and guidance of NCPC-SA appointed EnMS field specialists, or fast tracked by having an external EnMS field specialist implement the system directly with the company agreeing to serve as demonstration project to showcase the benefits of EnMS.
  • Energy Systems Optimisation (ESO) implementation
    This programme offers industry the opportunity to systematically target selected systems within their processing facilities and intimately interrogate their performance and effectiveness. Currently there are five high energy use systems optimisation offered, namely steam, compressed air, fans, pumps and electric motors.

    Companies participating in this programme are provided access to technical specialists in the respective fields to undertake assessments within their processes in order to identify improvement options for implementation. These assessments are significantly shorter than the EnMS programme ranging from 5 to 15 days depending on the scale and complexity of the facility.

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Energy Management Systems (ISO/SANS 50001)