Gastro Foods

Feeling the pressure from the steady increase in utility costs, Gastro Foodsrealisedthat it needed to save on electricity, but did not know how to do it. Energy efficiency had also not yet been considered as part of facility maintenance or procurement. Electricity is the primary energy source at the plant, with an annual cost of R2,1 million.

An Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) Project energy assessment was conducted between 4 and 6 June 2012. The methodology included the compiling of detailed steam- and electrical-energy balances and noting areas for increased optimisation. The company’s maintenance engineer attended training in steam systems and energy management.


In 2013, Gastro Foods saved R129 752 as a result of an investment of R237 500. In the same period the company saved 133 809 kWh and also reduced GHG emissions by 128 tonnes of CO2. The total pay-back period was 1,8 years.

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