Feltex Trim Rosslyn

The Feltex Automotive Trim plant, located in Rosslyn Pretoria, is a leading supplier of textile-based automotive acoustic and trim components. It produces technical felts in needled and airlay constructions and non-woven carpets (both structured and conventional) in a broad range of weights, widths and specifications, for mouldable applications. Most of the processes require heating, mainly supplied by electricity and compressed air for equipment operation.

Case studies 2013 and 2014:

2012-13 Case Study:  No capital investment and just an in-house cost estimated at ZAR 30 000 in less than one year realised an annual saving of ZAR 287 451. Energy savings of 309 087 kWh with a concomitant GHG reduction of 295 796 kg of CO2.

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2013-14 Case Study: After an investment of ZAR 197 600, a saving of ZAR 99 519 with a payback of 1.98 years has been realised. A 215 611 kWh and 213 tonnes CO2 reduction per year were achieved as well as additional energy conservation opportunities identified.  

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