Zimco Aluminium Company (ZIMALCO) (EnMS)

The Zimalco Engineering Manager and Electrical Foreman attended the in-house two-day end user training in March 2015. The value of the systematic approach was immediately realised and in May 2015, Zimalco signed up as a candidate plant and personanel enrolled inthe expert level EnMS training.

The attendance of the training and participation in these programmes significantly influenced the Zimalco IEE initiatives, enabling a complete EnMS to be integrated with the existing SHEQ Integrated Management System (IMS) within five months.

During 2015, three projects were undertaken on Furnace no. 12, resulting in a total energy saving over six months of 1 479 444 kWh, valued at R 501 000. With a total investment of R335 000, the estimated average payback period was less than a year. A reduction of 299 tonnes CO2 was achieved.

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