Rhodes Food (EnMS)

Ready Meals Western Cape, part of RFG, has 200 permanent employees and up to 100 seasonal employees, with a factory of 5 000m sq. It produces over 300 000 ready meals per week (approximately 100 tonnes of product). The dairy has 32 permanent employees and 20 seasonal employees with a factory of 2 000m2. The daily intake of milk is approximately 28 000ℓ. The Ayrshire stud farm has 16 permanent employees and 13 seasonal employees. It consists of 104ha of owned land and has 500 cows in milk. It produces approximately 10 000ℓ milk per day.


Participation in the Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) programme afforded RFG’s energy manager the opportunity to develop EnMS expertise through the EnMS advanced-level training programme. Other staff members also attended EnMS training courses. The implementation of an EnMS commenced in February 2014.


During 2014 and 2015, the Rhodes Food Group implemented 13 projects at a total capital investment of R844 800. The investment resulted in a monetary saving of R3 481 329 and an energy saving of 602 611 kWh (electricity) and 2 911 192kWh (fuel), a total of 3 513 803kWh. GHG emissions were reduced by 1 514 tonnes of CO2.


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