March 2013

Precision Press is a medium-sized metal pressing automotive parts manufacturer which manufactures a wide range of automotive parts and components. They have 163 employees and are based in Cape Town.

September 2013

Johnson Matthey, a British company established in 1817, is a global manufacturer of automotive components, specifically autocatalysts. The South African operation began in 1953 and since 1992 Johnson Matthey South Africa (JMSA) has been manufacturing catalysts at its Germiston (Gauteng) plant, supplying several local "canners" who fit the catalyst into the catalytic converter system for export to the motor vehicle assemblers.

Plating Tank Temperature Control
March 2013

Techniplate Electroplaters is located in Silverton Pretoria and offers a range of plating products and services, including electro-polishing, embossing, etching and colouring. In the delivery of these services, the company makes use of plating tanks which operate at extremely high temperatures, resulting in high energy (specifically electricity) consumption.


In 2008, Toyota SA (Durban) identified energy saving as one of its priority focus areas. A representative from each of the 14 Toyota SA plants was called to be part of a working group tasked with identifying areas for possible energy consumption reduction.

In order to transform operational processes, reduce energy consumption and costs, and ensure long-term environmental sustainability, Feltex Trim joined the IEE Project in 2012 and the Feltex Trim Rosslyn maintenance manager signed up for EnMS expert level training.

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