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Sydney Naidoo is the Principal Member of SNA Consulting Electrical Engineers.  He is a registered Professional Engineering Technologist in terms of the Engineering Council of South Africa.
David Mercer has a technical background in energy engineering and has over 20 years experience in energy consulting in the industrial, commercial and civil sectors. He has led pioneering strategic work for several international clients, including large-scale energy management projects and providing governmental policy advice.
Gunter is a retired chemical engineer, and is still registered as a Professional Engineer. He has spent many years in the metallurgical industries, evaluating, monitoring and optimising systems and processes using a wide range of statistical techniques.
Sheldon Bode is currently an Environmental Engineer at Toyota South Africa where he has been involved in Energy Reduction projects and Energy Management systems for over 5 years now.  He has been able to successfully implement a wide variety of energy reduction solutions.  These include, but not limited to, compressed air, steam, pumping, lighting, water heating and HVAC systems.  
Tanya van Zyl’s work experience includes eight years of energy efficiency and energy assessments working for Energy Cybernetics in the industrial, mining, manufacturing, commercial and public sectors. The same eight years were partially spent on Measurement and Verification (M&V) of energy saving opportunities implemented by Eskom IDM, the results of which were reported to Eskom. 

The energy efficiency experts trained by the NCPC-SA and UNIDO through the IEE Project are internationally certified by UNIDO in their area of expertise.

These experts have undergone thorough training and rigorous testing to equip them to support industry in energy management systems and energy systems optimisation. 

Many of these specialist individuals are available to assist industry to implement effective energy and cost-saving interventions. 

Download a pdf of all IEE Project Energy experts. 

Follow the links below to view the profiles and contact details of the experts. or view by the area of specialisation: