Exchange through Industrial Symbiosis


The Industrial Symbiosis Programme is being implemented in six African countries and embraces an innovative waste management tool involving trade in waste. Introduced and initially led by the United Nations Environment Programme, the NCPC-SA has led the project implementation in South Africa for more than five years.

Industrial symbiosis connects companies for the purpose of identifying potential synergies for ‘waste swapping’. Industrial symbiosis reduces carbon dioxide emissions, landfill costs, use of virgin resources, industrial water usage, hazardous waste, pollution, transport, risks and costs. It also connects industries that might never have engaged in the natural course of business.

How SMMEs can benefit:

  • Learn how to track materials;

  • Identify, quantify and analyse all significant materials inputs and outputs in business systems;

  • Enable the re-use and reduction of virgin materials;

  • Improve resource production;

  • Create green jobs;

  • Improve revenue;

  • Inform policy makers and policy reforms; and

  • Improve the environment.

The NCPC-SA facilitates matches between companies with unused or residual resources with other member companies who can use these resources to create new business opportunities. At any time, you can email our IS Programme team  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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