A range of subsidised RECP-related services is available to clients at little or no cost. These are offered as stand-alone solutions or in combination to suit individual company needs.

RECP assessments

The NCPC-SA conducts subsidised in-plant assessments at participating companies to identify areas for improvement:

  • Energy, water and material assessments gauge current consumption and identify opportunities to lower production costs.
  • Waste assessments assist to understand a company’s waste generation profile and identify opportunities for improvement.

Based on the findings of the assessments, the companies are given recommendations on cost-saving options and resource efficiency improvements that can assist them in their efforts to become environmentally responsible, productive, low carbon, and competitive businesses.

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IEE Project

Due to the energy crisis and ever-rising costs of energy both locally and globally, the NCPC-SA currently has a strong focus on supporting SA industry in managing its energy consumption. In partnership with UNIDO, the NCPC-SA implements the Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Project in South Africa (IEE Project).
Since its inception in 2010, the IEE Project has assisted industry to save over R 230 million in energy savings. This has been achieved through the promotion and implementation of Energy Management Systems (EnMS) and Energy Systems Optimisation (ESO) in around 30 plants from energy-intensive sectors.

Training courses

The NCPC-SA offers RECP awareness training to consulting professionals as well as representatives of industry and government institutions working in the area of environmental management.  The courses are presented at various locations in the country at least once a year.

Through the IEE Project, training in EnMS and ESO is offered across the country at advanced and expert level, creating the skills required to maximise energy efficiency.

Internship Programme

The NCPC-SA internship programme places engineering graduates in companies to evaluate and monitor energy, water and material usage as well as waste management, whilst being mentored by industry experts. Host companies enjoy direct benefit from having an on-site individual dedicated to identifying resource and cost saving opportunities, whilst unemployed graduates receive training in scarce and critical green skills.

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Advocacy and awareness-raising

A core objective of the NCPC-SA has is to raise the awareness around the economic and environmental benefits of resource efficiency and encourage the adoption and implementation of RECP in industry.

NCPC-SA experts are available to share at conferences, workshops and in-house training sessions. Case studies and various resources and tools are also available to support industry in adopting RECP methodologies.