Mandate and Objectives

Visual_mandate_objectives_pic2.jpg The National Cleaner Production Centre is the national resource efficiency programme of the dti that is mandated to, through appropriate resource efficiency service offerings and competences, contribute to building the manufacturing industry’s competitive capability in pursuit of a low carbon economy in South Africa.

To be South Africa’s leading catalyst for industrial resource efficiency and cleaner production that contributes to economic growth, sustainable industry practices and human development.


The NCPC-SA’s mission is to foster the efficient utilization of resources, reduce tangible and intangible costs and improve industry competitiveness in a sustainable manner to the participating companies.

This is achieved through the following four strategic objectives:
1.    Awareness raising, advocacy and demonstration of the benefits of RECP
2.    Technical support to industry through RECP methodologies and tools
3.    Facilitating Implementation of RECP in industry
4.    Capacity building and development of RECP skills